3999 NFT algorithmically-drawn & drown in cuteness... 250+ traits combinations for beautiful Girlfriends waiting for their Men in a place located in Terra blockchain.
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Girlfriends coming soonbe ready for Bullrun Girlfriends collection!

Minting at Randomearth on 7 nov.

Bullrun Girlfriends will be listed on Randomearth and Knowhere Marketplace
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Remaining Amount 3999 / 3999


Bullrun Girlfriends is the first female NFT project on Terra, 3999 Girlfriends are here to kick ass and build the strongest NFT community . We created this project with inspiration from drag culture and to highlight the beauty of feminine traits in NFT projects at a time when male traits dominated the NFT space. Our mission is to become THE blue chip female pfp project on any blockchain, whilst supporting charities close to our community’s hearts and strengthening women and artists around the world.
  • 3999Minted

  • 250+Unique Attributes

  • BillionsPossible Combinations

  • 10%Donated to Charity


250+ traits

  • Backgrounds
  • Body
  • Chin
  • Clothes
  • Ear Accessories
  • Nose
  • Eyebrows
  • Hair
  • Heads
  • Lips
  • Mouth Accessories
  • Skins


Website Launch

  • Website Launch! We will be continually updating our website with more information as the project continues to develop!

Mint Goes Live

  • Mint goes live on November 7 (tentative), 2021 at 19:00 UTC. Welcome to the Community. 10% of primary gross proceeds donated to charity.

Marketplace Integration

  • Available on Randomearth and Knowhere following launch - Talk is going on.

NFT Drops

  • Other NFT drop competitions - individuals holding more bullrun girlfriends will have a higher chance in securing these.

Build For The Future

  • Rebuild the world initiative: future NFT collections will contribute to the overarching theme of rebuilding the world, both online and offline, and will incorporate cryptic clues and foreshadowings into the future metaverse.
  • Holders will be able to mint modular NFT pieces that contain special elements, which will not only be visually beautiful art in their own right; they will also fit together to formulate new planets, to ultimately create the foundation of the Girlfriendverse - more information to come.

The Team









Frequently asked questions

On release the Mint function will take you to a standalone page where you can connect your wallet and mint a girlfriend NFT. We are trying to structure our distribute to be as fair as possible, with live minting & instant distribution. Please note that – if the Terra blockchain gets clogged – it could take a while to receive your NFT.


Bullrun Girlfriends willbe distributed using a smart contract stationed on the Terra blockchain, which can be verified and audited by the Terra(Luna) core devs.

Each Bullrun Girlfriend NFT is unique and powerful in her own way. While some may be more powerful than others, our meticulous design and coding ensures that every NFT is unique, and no Bullrun Girlfriend can ever be replicated.

Most Bullrun Girlfriend NFTs are randomly generated from a collection of attributes created by our artists. Each NFT is unique, and non-fungible – this means they have only one account holder & are cryptographically signed. A select few Bullrun Girlfriend have been individually and carefully crafted as originals – look out for these – they’re #VeryRare.